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Separated Winding Transformer

Estel offers both single phase and 3 phase conventional dry-type transformers that are suitable for power distribution system, industrial use and indoor use. We work in collaboration with Wagner + Grimm AG (Switzerland) and our transformer are designed using Swiss technology, offering one of the best quality transformers in the market. We can design and manufacture transformers to a maximum voltage of 33 kV and a maximum output power of 2,500 kVA. Estel also uses high quality silicon steel in our transformers to give lower losses and improve the efficiency of our products.  

Estel’s transformers are designed and tested according to IEC60076 or as specified by customers.

 Features and Benefits
- Up to Class H insulation
-  Air-natural cooling or as specified by customers
- CRGO steel core gives lower losses
- IP enclosure (optional)

- Transport systems
- Power generation system
-  Telecommunication system
-  Manufacturing plants
- Elevators
- Office buildings


Separated Winding Transformer