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Phase Shifting Transformer

Phase shifting transformer is used to control active power by regulating the voltage phase angle difference between two nodes of the systems, which in returns help improve the AC network efficiency. Not only that Estel’s phase shifting transformers help improve the efficiency, it also ensure reliable and efficient power flow in overloaded transmission line.

Estel’s phase shifting transformers are designed and tested according to IEC60076 or as specified by customers.

Features and benefits
- Enables control of power flow between two large independent power systems
-  Able to change the effective phase displacement between the input voltage and the output voltage of a transmission line
- Help to balance the loading when power systems are connected together in more than one point so that loops exist
- Help protect from thermal overload
- Help improve transmission system stability

- Load sharing of parallel line
- Boost transmission capacity without violating the N-1 criterion
- Boost system reliability
- Remove bottle necks in the grid caused by bulk power injection

Phase Shifting Transformer