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Cast-resin Transformer

Cast-resin transformers mainly consist of core and windings. The winding of this type of transformer is not immersed in insulating oil, but is encased in epoxy resin that helps protect the transformer from dust and corrosive atmospheres. Because no oil is used, cast-resin transformers are generally simpler to install and require no fire-proof vault for indoor installations.  

Estel’s cast-resin transformers are designed and tested according to IEC60076 or as specified by customers.

Features and benefits
- Lower losses and noise level
- The absence of oil makes cast-resin transformer more environmentally friendly
- High level of fire safety since no flammable oil is used
- Suitable for indoor installation as it does not require any extra measure for fire safety
- Minimal running cost as there is no need in controlling or changing the oil
- Windings are not exposed to humidifying and contamination
- High level of impulse strength

- Mainly used in power distribution system
- Office/commercial/residential buildings
- Power plant
- Oil platform
- Subways
- Tunnel

Cast-resin Transformer