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Scott & V-V Transformer

Scott transformer is used to transformed three-phase electric power to two-phase electric power or vice-versa. The purpose of this is to either
     1) give a supply to an existing two phase system from a three phase supply or
     2) supply two phase furnace transformer from a three phase source.
The Scott transformer also helps to evenly distribute a balanced load between the phases of the source.

Estel’s Scott and V-V transformers are designed and tested according to IEC60076 or as specified by customers.

 Features and benefits
-  If desired, a three phase, two phase, or single phase load may be supplied simultaneously
-  The neutral points can be available for grounding or loading purposes

- For industrial furnace transformer
- Use to reduce voltage imbalance on the transmission network
- Use at Traction Substation

Scott & V-V Transformer