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Isolation Transformer

Isolation transformers work in a similar manner as conventional dry-type transformers. However, instead of containing just the primary and secondary windings, an isolation transformer also contains electromagnetic (EMT) shield at the transformer’s core to help protect the equipments that the transformer is connected to. The shield works by preventing any high frequency noise or signals, from the primary side, from being induced into the secondary winding and any sensitive equipments that may be connected to the systems.


Estel’s isolation transformers are designed and tested according to IEC61558-2-6:2009 or as specified by customers.


 Features and Benefits
- Protect against electric shock
- Able to isolate circuits with no voltage or current increase or decrease
- Increase safety of electronic systems
- Protect sensitive equipments

- One-to-one isolation
-  Audio isolation
- RF isolation
- DC power isolation
- Use with power supplies of sensitive equipments that are not at ground potential
- Electrical isolation of medical equipments


Isolation Transformer