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Tuned Filter Reactor

Tuned filter reactors are generally used to eliminate specific orders of harmonics, generally the 5th and the 7th order, that are caused by non-linear loads connected to your power system. Eliminating these harmonic currents will help solve issues such as the overheating of transformers and interference in the transmission system. In general, tuned filter reactors are used when the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) is required to be less than 3%.

Estel’s tuned filter reactors are designed and tested according to IEC60076-6

Features and benefits
-  Protection for overheating issues in the transmission cable and transformers
- Reduce the interferences on the data transmission systems
- Help solve problems of distortion of utility voltage
- Prevent circuit breaker from tripping
- Reduce the harmonic current in the system

- Power distribution system
-  Manufacturing plants
- Data centre

Tuned Filter Reactor