WG SWISS 32 Year

Hotline : 0-2985-2081


Vision Mission

Estel vision


To become the leader in product design and manufacturing process of transformers
and reactors in the South East Asia region.

Our logo and trademark should act as a quality assurance
and durability of our products

Increase our revenue from 300 million
(in 2021) to 500 million by 2023


  1. Manufacture products that meet all international standards.
  2. Constantly conduct product research and development (R&D) to ensure our products meet customers’ demand and their level of satisfaction
  3. Maintain the high quality and high durability of our product to retain the trust that our customers has for over 36 years
  4. Consider the efficiency, impact on the environment as well as CSR when designing our products.
  5. Expand our market both domestically and internationally to prepare for the establishment of AEC in 2015.
  6. Ensure that our employees are well looked after